Why You Should Listen To Music While Coding? 🎧

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·May 21, 2021·

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Why You Should Listen To Music While Coding? 🎧
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Hello, buddies! Most of us (developers) love to listen to music. But why? You may have many answers. So, I'm not going to tell you Why you love music. I'm going to show you Why You Should Listen To Music While Coding.

1. Music reduces stress and anxiety

image.png When you listen to music, you can lower down your stress hormones. The brain also stimulates the formation of dopamine; a molecule that makes you happy. When you listen to your favourite song, you will produce extra dopamine. This way the music helps in reducing stress.

The mind also becomes clear when you listen to music. A clear mind will help to clear your anxiety away. You forget about all the ‘what if’ scenarios.

Your mind will clear because music helps your blood flow. This way more oxygen will come to your brain. With extra oxygen, you have fewer distracting thoughts.

2. Music helps you to focus

image.png When you listen to music, you will get in the zone. The focus will only be on the code you are writing. Nothing else around you will matter. Most of songs without lyrics helps you to keep in focus.

When you have headphones on, people also are less likely to talk to you. The headphones are like a barrier. People will only pass this barrier if they need to talk to you. That's a great trick too! Coding at night can help you to focus too. Now imagine 🎵Coding at night with Music. 🎵

3. Music Can Motivate You

Music will make you happy. When you are happy, you will work more effectively. Also, the ending of tracks and changes in rhythms can urge your brain in making decisions. That's why I love Dance Monkey when coding in afternoons.

4. Music can help to keep the brain alert and prevent it from switching off


With the different sounds in the background, Your brain will notice the rhythms changing and tracks ending. With this difference in background sound, your brain will be alert.

5. Music increases the ability to collect thoughts

When you hear a specific piece of music, your brain will connect it to a memory that is stored in your brain & helps you relax. This way you can put your thoughts together. And also, you may get many creative ideas while listening to music. For me, I get many ideas about cool things to do with Python or Stories to add in a Game and sometimes, An idea for tomorrow's blog post!

But what kind of music should you listen to?

How much you will get in the zone depends on the kind of music. Here are some tips for finding good coding music.

1. Limit the vocals

Our brain tends to focus on the words that are being sung. When there are no vocals, the music will fade away in the background. This way you will get yourself in the zone and it will be easier to solve a difficult coding problem.

2. Listen to familiar music

If you listen to new music, you tend to focus on the music. Unknowingly your mind will wander off for a bit. When you listen to familiar music, your brain will recognize the music. The focus will be on the music then, not on the coding.

3. Listen to music with a good beat and pace

If you listen to slow music, your brain will also move slowly. The same applies to fast music. When the music is fast, your brain will feel rushed. The middle way is perfect. Your brain will still be active enough to solve coding problems, but it won’t be rushed.

Happy Coding!

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