Python vs Js

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Python vs Js
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Hello, buddies! Well, this is not a war, just a comparison😊. So don't scold me. Here we are comparing Python and JavaScript, the two most used programming languages.

Python - One of the Fastest Growing Programming Languages

image.png My mother language 😝

When talking about just beginning to learn, Python remains to be an easier choice somehow. In reality, being simple and easy to understand is one of the key design goals of the Python programming language.

Python comes with dynamic semantics and is popularly known to be an interpreted, object-oriented, high-level programming language. The easy and simple to learn the syntax of Python emphasizes readability and thus lowers the cost of maintenance of the program. Modules and packages are provided by Python, which facilitates program modularity and code reuse.

In Python, there are so many Pros, such as

  • Python is a powerful object-oriented programming language.
  • Python comes with a large standard library, so it supports many common programming tasks.
  • Python has its auto-installed shell
  • Python is a portable language so that it can run on a wide variety of operating systems and platforms.
  • Python helps you to make complex programming simpler. As it internally deals with memory addresses, garbage collection.
  • Python offers database interfaces to all major commercial DBMS systems.

When taking a look at the cons of Python, you may feel there are nothing. But yes there are a few.

  • Used in fewer platforms.
  • Weak in mobile computing, hence not used in app development
  • As Python is dynamic, so it shows more errors at run-time.
  • The under-developed and primitive database access layer
  • Absence of commercial support

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JavaScript - Language of the Web


JavaSscript is typically used inside a web browser for providing dynamic functionality that can’t be achieved using CSS and HTML. JavaScript also provides support for building standard web applications with date, text, and regular expressions.

Although initially, JavaScript was meant for front-end development, it is now also used for backend development. Hence, JavaScript offers full-stack development. In fact, with Node.js, JS can be used for developing standalone desktop applications too.

It should be pointed out that browsers are the ones that run the JavaScript code. Developers can even write JavaScript code in such simple programs as Notepad++.

There are some people who say Js is hard to learn but I can't 100% agree on it. But, it might be somewhat difficult to learn JavaScript, before learning another simple language too. Depends on your tech knowledge and experience 🦾

Just like Python, there are advantages of JS as,

  • Specially designed tool for small scripts
  • Supports classes, interfaces, & modules.
  • Compiled JavaScript runs in any browser
  • Allows cross-compilation
  • JavaScript language is used both on the client-side and the server-side. which means that this language runs practically everywhere from browsers to powerful servers
  • JavaScript has a large community that actively back the language.

Everything has an opposite site too. So in JavaScript,

  • Client-side JavaScript does not allow the reading or writing of files. It has been kept for security reasons.
  • JavaScript can't be used for networking applications because there is not much support available.
  • JavaScript doesn't have any multiprocessor multithreading features.

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Python vs JS - Similarities

Python (1).png Python and JavaScript have a few notable similarities in use and structure. Both are object-oriented, making them ideal for large and complex software development.

Additionally, JavaScript and Python are dynamically-typed high-level coding languages, which makes learning them fairly easy.

Developers use both heavily in website development. In fact, they are an excellent addition to any full-stack portfolio. Apart from these similarities, Python and JavaScript are quite different.

Python vs JS - Differences

Python.png Python has many more applications than JavaScript. Games, software programs, mobile development, and data analysis can be done entirely with Python. This makes it a popular choice for developers in many fields.

Additionally, programmers often use JavaScript and Python on opposite ends of web development. JavaScript is primarily a front end (or client-side) development language, whereas programmers typically use Python on the back end (or server-side scripting) of a website project. People tend to use JavaScript alongside HTML and CSS. Python, on the other hand, is often used alone.

Which is better?

Neither Python nor JavaScript is better than the other. They’re both useful tools for certain tasks and serve unique purposes. For tasks like front end development, JavaScript is a clear choice, but developers aren’t likely to choose it for back end development. As you can see, both of these common coding languages excel in certain fields and can work together to create an excellent system.

Actually, it depends on what you need to do. Happy Coding!

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