Play Games To Learn Coding 🎮

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Play Games To Learn Coding 🎮
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Hello, buddies! There are interactive courses, tons of online tutorials to learn coding, and one of my personal favorite ways to practice coding: fun free games!

While a coding game alone probably isn’t going to teach you everything you need to know about coding, these free fun games can be a really incredible way to practice the skills you’re learning. If you’re anything like me, you’ll suddenly realize you’ve spent the last four hours reinforcing your coding skills without even realizing it!😮😮

I've tried out some of the most entertaining and useful games for learning to code. So would like to share it with you!😁😁



CodeCombat is my favorite! It is one of the best free website to play Python games. Apart from Python, it supports Javascript and Coffeescript like languages as well. The UI of the game is amazing and there are sounds that will make you feel that you are actually playing a normal game.

Supported Languages - Python, Javascript, CoffeeScript, C++(for subscribers)

Play CodeCombat



CodinGame offers up fun free games to help learn more than 25 programming languages, including JavaScript, Ruby, and PHP. One of the great things about CodinGame is that you can play with friends or colleagues, and also enter international coding competitions.

Supported Languages - Python, Javascript, C++, C#, C, Ruby, Go and many more!

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image.png Wouldn’t it be great to practice your coding skills by programming the robot tanks that fight against each other (sound exciting, right?).

Yes, you can do the same with this renowned game – Robocode. Robocode allows you to develop a robot battle tank using programming languages like Java or .NET to battle against other tanks. You need to write the AI for the robot to let it know what to do and how to reacts to events happening in the battleground.

Supported Languages - Java, C# and Scala

Play Robocode

Flexbox Defense

image.png Flexbox Defense is indeed one of the best ways to strengthen your knowledge and skills of CSS Flexbox! It is actually a Tower Defense Game where you’re required to stop the incoming enemies from getting past your defenses by moving the towers into position so these turrets can shoot the invading enemies before they go over you. You’re required to use the ‘justify-content’ property on the tower group container to position your towers.

Supported Languages - CSS

Play Flexbox Defense

Code Hunt

image.png Another mention in the list that can help you to practice and advance your programming skills within the gaming environment is Code Hunt. It is a coding game from Microsoft Research where you solve a series of coding puzzles to complete various rounds. Meanwhile, it works on a creative and unique format where each puzzle is presented with test cases only and no specification is provided. You’re first required to identify the pattern and then code the solution.

Supported Languages - Java and C#

Get Code Hunt


image.png CheckIO is a coding game that allows you to enhance your programming skills, particularly for two languages – Python and TypeScript. The game is recommended to beginners as well as advanced programmers to level up the coding skills as it provides you with numerous exciting challenges of different complexity levels to solve. Every set of these challenges is positioned at a distinct island and users need to solve the required coding challenge or puzzle to traverse from one island to another. Also, the enriching and supportive community of CheckIO helps you to share knowledge & experiences with various brilliant minds across the world.

Supported Languages - Python, TypeScript

Play CheckIO


image.png Here comes another popular coding game for all the programmers – Screeps! It is an online real-time strategy game that requires you to have at least some basic knowledge of programming. In this game, you’re required to create your own colony in a particular world shared with all the players. And the colony will be able to mine resources, build units and conquer territory.

Supported Languages - Javascript, C++, C#

Play Screeps

Learn Vim By Playing Vim Adventure

image.png Well, this is not a game to learn a language but it is very useful!

If you often struggle with using the VIM code editor, then Vim Adventures is surely meant for you!! Vim Adventures is an online game that allows you to learn VIM keyboard shortcuts and other prominent VIM concepts in an entertaining & interesting way with the help of a Zelda-like game environment. This game makes it easier to learn and understand this powerful text editor, Vim, that subsequently helps you to become a more efficient programmer.

So buddies, that's it for today! Feel free to add your favourite coding game in the comments and Happy Coding!

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