Most Common 10 Things, Developers Love 💙

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·May 14, 2021·

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Most Common 10 Things, Developers Love 💙

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Hello, buddies! So Today we're going to see best 10 Things Developers love But you may ask we're developers and we know what we love! 😂 If you're asking that question, your thinking speed is high! Okay okay, don't get disappointed! We're going to see common things developers love.

1. The community 🌐

Communities like Stack Overflow, GitHub and Google Developers, to only name a few, are incredibly valuable. The internet is a wonderful place for developers. You can google answers to “how to dry my Chinchilla,” or you get help on all topics that have to do with developing in forums of the communities mentioned above. Tools, collaborations, the sweets of developer’s Disneyland.

2. Jokes that only developers get

Simple as that: Nerd humor is the best humor. How boring would it be if everyone understood the joke? Laughing alone is way more fun anyway. When I was a beginner I felt a little proud when it says "Jokes That Only Developers Get". I think everyone may have same experience.😂

3. Good Teamwork

image.png Coding is a type of usable art. And to complete this piece of art, you need a team, that runs like an oiled machine. From client to support team to designer, project manager, finance... Good teamwork is to involve everyone. Tools like Slack can help with this. Still, your favorite Co-worker is the one, that doesn’t interfere in your work too much. Coding is for the developers my friends - do you agree?

4. Coffee ☕

As soon as you place your coffee on the table, all co-workers know, that your concentration phase has begun. It is some sort of ritual. Besides the unofficial use as “Do not disturb” sign, coffee is known for its abilities to enhance our focus so much, that we feel like we can achieve superhero like goals. Not only that coffee, most of Developers love this coffee including me!

5. Python

image.png Python is an allrounder and can be used in nearly every situation. The setup and web programming in Python is easy, the job opportunities numerous and the libraries full. Python might not be the best choice for all tasks, but still is the Go-To tool for most developers and maybe yours too? If so, why do you love Python?

6. Patient people

Your friends, family and your partner know that a relationship with a developer only works if you have some free time and don’t take “I’m almost done” too serious. If your partner is longing for a lot of attention and doesn’t want to come second, there could be a problem. You’re married to coding, and the code gets jealous easily. Your co-workers should be patient with you too. People that respect your flow-state have a place in your heart.

7. Problems

The love for problem-solving probably is the reason why you became a developer in the first place. There are often problems that pop up, that force you to think creatively - even if you’re working with a debugger. Logical thinking is a tiring act for most, that is tried to be prevented. But as a developer, you love structured work. And man, the feeling when the code works..:


8. Technology

Social media, newest gadgets, artificial intelligence, crypto, and and and and. No field is developing faster than tech. It makes your, my, our life easier, is fun and can even save lives! A twitter post before an earthquake, GPS-Spotting after an accident or the browser history and social media footprints of a criminal - used at the correct time, technology can work wonders. Its somewhat foolish to add this to the list since developers don't become a developer, if they don't love technology!

9. Code

“Dear code, to have made you was a lot of pleasure for me and with you, on my side, I never stop learning. Other people value and love you as much I do. Our love was imagination, only air, at the start but now it is written in Java. This could be the beginning of a love letter to code. You love it, and you know why.

10. Music 🎧

Another tool to keep people away from you, so you can work in peace. Earpods make you forget the external world and allow you to focus. Daft Punk, The Prodigy, video game music, what’s your Go-To for final concentration?

There's a wish today! Happy One Year Anniversary Victoria Lo!


We all know about her so, nothing to tell you😉. Happy Coding!

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