Journey of 100 Days At Hashnode 🎉

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·Jun 27, 2021·

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Journey of 100 Days At Hashnode  🎉
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Hello, buddies! 100 days ago, I joined a lovely platform called Hashnode and today is my 100th day! Time flies fast and I actually thought my 100th day is the 29th this month but to be thanks to a day counter, I didn't miss this day.


Anyway, no one wished me today so I'm wishing myself. (Ayodele Samuel Adebayo knows how crazy I am...😂)

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So today I wanted to share my 100 days of the journey at Hashnode. No worries, this is not a long one..

Finding Hashnode

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At the start of March, I got an idea about a blog where I can share my knowledge as well as engaging with a community. I tried some other platform like medium but they didn't feel like a community. When there is no choice, I tried to make m own blog with WordPress. But when hosting and maintaining everything by myself, I can't 100% focus on writing. So I gave up trying WordPress.

But I was not able to give up the idea and didn't stop searching. And finally, I found this article by Catalin Pit which has included an unfamiliar platform called, Hashnode. When it says Hashnode's features like You are part of a large community, You can customize and personalize your blog, I was just like this,


Then I made my blog in 2 mins and published my first article in 5 mins(I wrote that article before making a blog so I just copied and pasted it😂).

Proudest Moments

Still, I can't figure out how I wrote 53 articles in 100 days! It means I have blogged more than half of the days at Hashnode. I'm mad.

However, I'd like to share a few articles that I proud of myself.

1. How To Make A Simple Game With Unity : For Absolute beginners

This is my very first article and my proudest article(even though it didn't get a lot of feedback😂) because making a simple game for beginners myself and covering all the things needed for a game is a good thing for me.


2. 5 Habits Of A Successful Programmer

In this article, I mentioned some Habits that make a Programmer Successful. And yes, I got positive feedback for this.

3. How To Add No-Login Required Reaction Buttons For Your Hashnode Blog

Actually, this is not an article to be so much proud but I feel very happy when seeing people using its reaction buttons❤️❤️


4. What To Do If Coding Is Hard..?

In this article, I shared some tips to make coding easy, while covering the topics that make Coding hard.


5. Developer vs. Programmer

It's a simple topic and the reason for being proud of that is, I met some people who learned what's the difference between Developer and Programmer. And I shouldn't say I get only good feedback😂. I found some people who don't accept that difference. It's their choice so I don't have to care about them!

Well, these are only the proudest articles. Actually, I'm proud of all the articles in my blog💪😊.

One Hundred Days...

Yeah, I love this community. Over Hashnode, I found some good-hearts like victoria Lo, Sai Ansul, George Isiguzo Chinonye etc. My special thanks to George Isiguzo Chinonye for being a great motive at the very beginning and of course I should thanks Victoria Lo for begin such a valuable and lovely friend❤️❤️.

Also, I got great knowledge about some writer's choices and the best thing is, I found some amazing devs who have the same choices on articles! As an example

Victoria Lo and Tapas Adhikary have same choices. Also, Edidiong Asikpo and Eleftheria Batsou have the same choices too. It's funny😂😂.

In these 100 days, I learned a lot of non-technical things and the best thing I learned is,

Don't give up too early

Okay, I if you read my very first articles, they didn't get good feedback or readers and I thought "I don't have the skill to blog.." more than a thousand times. Actually, if there was no George Isiguzo Chinonye to motivate me from the beginning, I have already given up.

So this is my journey! I have a lot to learn and still I'm a beginner! However, I know this is not a useful article for anyone, this is only a personal reflection of myself. Thanks a soo much to everyone who helped me in this journey and I hope that I can write and help more people in the future!

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