How Will AI Impact Software Development ?

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·May 11, 2021·

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How Will AI Impact Software Development ?

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Hello, buddies! Now I have a craze about Artificial Intelligence. However, today we're going to see How Will AI Impact Software Development. On which areas AI impact on Software Development? Will AI Change the role of programmer? And many more!

Areas where AI impacts Software Development

AI plays a key role in the design, code generation and testing of software. Let us discuss each area in detail:

Software Design

image.png Planning projects and designing it needs specialized learning and experience to propose a definitive solution. Settling on a correct design for each stage is an error-prone task for designers. Retracts and forward investigating plan forces dynamic changes to the design until the client reaches the desired solution. Automating some complex procedures with AI tools can enable the most capable methods to design the projects. For example, using AIDA (Artificial Intelligence Design Assistant), designers can understand the needs as well as the desires of the client and use that knowledge to design the appropriate project. AIDA is a website building platform that examines various combinations of software design and presents the appropriate customized design as per the client’s needs.

Automatic Code Generation

Taking a business idea and writing code for the huge project is still time-consuming and labor-intensive. To confront the time and money concerns, experts have approached a solution that writes code before starting development. However, the approach is not good with uncertainties like what target code aims at doing as collecting these details takes much time like writing code from scratch. An intelligence programming assistance with AI will reduce the load by a certain extent.

Imagine that if you explain the project idea in your natural language and your system would understand it and convert it into executable code. Though it seems like science fiction, software development artificial intelligence can flip the story! It will be possible through natural language processing and AI tools.

AI in Testing Services

Software testing is a crucial phase in software development, which ensures the quality of the product. If certain software testing is repeated whenever source code is changed and repeating the same tests can be time-consuming and costly. The capture here is AI in software testing comes to the rescue once again.

There is a wide range of tools that employ AI for creating test cases and performs regression testing. These AI tools can automate the testing for you and further ensure error-free testing. Appvance, Functionize, and are a few examples of AI and machine learning-based testing platform.

Deployment Control

image.png Machine learning AI technologies also had some impacts on software deployment, like an increase in the efficiency of deployment control activities. In the software development paradigm, the deployment phase is the stage where developers often upgrade the programs or apps to newer versions.

If developers fail to execute a process correctly during upgradation, there will be a high risk in executing the software. AI can prevent developers from such vulnerabilities during upgradation and reduce the risk of failure in deployment. Another impact of artificial intelligence is, it enables to analyze the deployment process with machine learning algorithms.

With AI Writing Code, Will AI Replace Programmers?

image.png AI won’t replace programmers. But AI might write code one day.

Of course, it will take time before AI will be able to create actual, production-worthy code that spans more than a few lines.

Here’s how AI will impact software development in the near future.

NOTE : Programmer and Developer are very different. Learn More Here

AI Will Improve

It will become effective at helping developers understand their options. And it will then let the human decide how to optimize for circumstances beyond AI’s understanding.

AI Will Become a Coding Partner

Software developers will use AI as a coding pair to write better software.

But Programmers Will Remain Important

The true value of a programmer is not knowing how to build it. The value is in knowing what to build.

It will take even longer before AI learns how to interpret the business value of each feature and advise you what to develop first. There will always be a role for the human programmer.

What If AI Writes Reliable Code?

That’s a big if. Most humans can’t write reliable code. And AI is just an application that analyzes vast amounts of human written code. So, it’s unlikely that AI will write reliable code.

So, AI isn’t the answer to improving code quality.

Is Artificial Intelligence Already Changing the Role of Software Developers ?

The role of the software developer is already beginning to evolve, and within the next decade, it may look a lot different than it does today. Do note that technology isn’t likely to replace developers. We’re several years away from reaching the point where AI is writing code on its own.

What’s more likely is that software developers will perform a different set of tasks and develop skills that allow them to collaborate effectively with AI on the job.

AI stands to take on repetitive, simple tasks (an area where AI already excels), thus enabling developers to spend more time on complex problem-solving tasks. This combination will enhance and improve the process of software development rather than replace it.

It’s also worth mentioning that AI will likely also be used to identify gaps in existing technologies and alert organizations when new software is required.

This will create a new need for even more developers in the future, suggesting that AI and software development will likely grow together.

Note - The roles of Developer and Programmer are different. Learn more here

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