How To Make Readers Engaged With Your Articles

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·Jun 7, 2021·

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How To Make Readers Engaged With Your Articles
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Hello, buddies! Usually, I don't write about Blogging stuff but I wanted to share this cause when reading articles, we meet boring articles. Especially, those articles are from beginners like me! So I must share a few and small tips with my fellow bloggers.

Use Images instead of Letter-headings

Headings are one of the main parts of an article. When you are writing a long article that will take more than 7 minutes to read(especially, guides and cheat sheets), use images like this(1180 x 129), STRINGS (10).png

So it will make your article more and more attractive!

image.png Nishant Gour use them nicely. I got the idea from him!

Use at least 1 image/gif for each topic

When you are writing an article that includes Tips/Ways (like, 6 ways to improve your skills..) you should use at least 1 image or a gif for each point. Anyone doesn't like text-only articles.


Use (funny) examples when explaining something

There may be a lot of things that readers do not understand in a guide or an explanation given by you... To make it clear, you must use a certain example that is easy to understand. Like something in Day-to-day life. Make sure you use proper examples. Otherwise, it will mess up the reader's mind.

image.png Tapas Adhikary use great and simple examples.

Share your experience with something(only if possible)

When you are showing an easy way to do something or explaining things like that, share your experiences with readers. It makes a better understanding. Imagine you are writing an article for beginners to explain a simple way to keep remember CSS keywords. You can use something like this,

When I wanted to be a web dev, I gave up that dream cause I can't remember all the keywords in CSS!...

You can make a Fake experience if it is clear and help the beginners.

Note: I'm not forcing you to lie..

Use some Games to keep readers cheerful and to keep them coming again

This can be used in long articles as well as short articles. When reading long guides, you feel "Boring". Always remember that all of us are human so your readers feel the same as you. Therefore, when making a guide or a long cheat sheet or something like that, use game widgets like 2048 game, Tetris, Magic 8 ball, etc.

Here are some cool games to use in your blog.

So, buddies, that's how you can make your readers cheerful and engaged with your articles. Victoria Lo has an amazing article on this, which is better than mine. Happy Coding!

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