Common Characteristics Of Good Programmers

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·May 5, 2021·

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Common Characteristics Of Good Programmers

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Hello, buddies! Today it's a simple topic, Common Characteristics Of Good Developers. All the things are included in the topic. So buddies, let's take a look at common characteristics that make a Good Developer or you can think 'Characteristics of a Good Developer.' Your choice..

1. Puzzle-solver

image.png If you’re going to write a code, things are going to go wrong. A lot. It’s a natural thing that happens, a huge a part of the coding process is trial and error. There are people that find this extremely frustrating. And any programmer will be able to tell you a story or two where they felt like smashing the keyboard against the screen. If you enjoy this challenge, however, you will thrive thanks to it. People who like solving puzzles are right at home in this profession. Don't you think even coding is solving puzzles?

2. Lifelong learner

image.png Programming, like almost all jobs involving computer technology, is prone to extremely rapid changes. Not only does technology evolve at a breathtaking pace, trends also come and go, sometimes in a matter of months. If you’re working in this field, you will have to be willing to learn new stuff. That means refreshing and updating your skillset to fit the market and technology as a whole at regular intervals. This is a vital skill to becoming a successful programmer in the long term.

3. Love learning

image.png Technology is constantly changing. The tools and languages you work with today are not the tools you’ll be working with next year, let alone next decade. Programmers need to always be developing new skills to be able to contribute to upcoming projects. Your employer may provide ongoing training, but the best programmers take time to learn on their own.

4. Curious

image.png This trait has something in common with signing up for lifelong learning – it’s about being driven and passionate about your job. But while learning requires systematic commitment, being curious is all about that initial spark. Even if things work after the first try, a good programmer still asks themselves why that is. A good programmer always strives to understand how his work functions, because that is how you make it better.

5. Supreme Communication skills.

image.png This trait might seem to clash with the previous one at first, but the mix of both is what really makes you efficient. Programmers work with people outside of their own field for a majority of their projects. Communication is key – whether you need to talk to clients, other departments or even fellow colleagues who have a different degree of experience in a certain topic. Being able to efficiently and accurately explained what you’re doing, why that is the way you have chosen to do it and what alternatives there might be will take you a long way.

6. Passion for the work

While some programming staff can simply serve as nine-to-fivers or clock watchers, many hiring managers are interested in finding someone who will gladly put in long hours when needed. True programmers are self-proclaimed “computer geeks,” spending their time gaming, building servers, or creating apps for themselves or friends. While this passion isn’t a necessity, it’s often a way to differentiate top-shelf programmers from the rest.

7. Logical mindset

image.png Programming can often seem and feel chaotic, but it’s all about understanding and implementing the internal logic of whatever language you’re working with. People who don’t get easily frustrated get extra points here. Being able to handle a problem in a logical, analytical way makes a programmer worth their own weight in gold.

8. Love for technology

Last but not least, great programmers very passionate about technology. Again, that’s not a skill that just came to them. Maybe they liked tinkering when they were children. Or they were the kids that used to love finding ways around the school computer security system. Whatever the roots of the trait, loving technology often leads to acquiring a deep understanding of it. “Doing what you love” is more than just a saying for successful programmers.

Best Moment Of A Programmer - The Eureka Moment

eureka.gif Programmers spends hours and days on a bug that is far from enjoyable you drag it on and on and on until that magic happens. Do you have any experience about a Eureka Moment when debugging or thinking about something? I'm happy to know! I have experiences but it's not good to tell it to you at the moment. But when I'm in that moment, I remember only one song -"Dance for me, dance for me, dance for me, oh, oh, oh" Happy coding!

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