Awesome Player And Obstacle Models Using Unity (Without Blender)

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·Mar 23, 2021·

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Awesome Player And Obstacle Models Using Unity (Without Blender)

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Hello buddies! Have you ever think about making models of Player and Obstacles with Unity's GameObjects? Let's take look what can we do with in Unity Editor for models!

Joke Of The Day



  • Let's make some models that can be use for Obstacles..


  • Create a cylinder. Scale it X - 0.5 , Y - 1.5, Z - 0.5
  • Another cylinder which is X - 1, Y - 0.99, Z - 1
  • Set two of them like this,


  • Make another 2 cylinders. Scale both of them as X - 1.2, Y - 0.1 , Z - 1.2
  • Set both of them into the hammer's head. Now you have created a Hammer model!


Spines' Ball

  • Make a sphere 2x2x2
  • Make a some cylinders which are X - 0.2, Y - 1.3, Z - 0.28
  • Set them all around a sphere and you have a ball with spines which can kill the player!


Try to make some models like that and share it with us!


Let's look how to make some player models.

Cube Buddy

  • Make a Cube for Body.
  • Make another 2 cubes and set them as Player's eyes. image.png

  • Make 2 sphere for his eye ball (Scale it as you want)and set them to 2 small cubes.


  • Now make another 2 cubes and rotate them 45 degrees(axis depends). Set them on the top of player's body cube like his ears.
  • Make 3 quads and set them to look like his cloth. image.png Now you've created a cube buddy!

Sphere Buddy

  • Make a sphere for the body/face.
  • Make a cuboid and set it like this,


  • Make 2 eye ball (Like Cube Buddy's)and set them.


  • Make a sphere for his nose. And make 2 ears and set them. Now you have created a Sphere Buddy!


So buddies, these are only few examples. Take some time and make you own models for your game like this. And share with us ! See you again!

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