A Day In The Life Of A Game Developer

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·Sep 9, 2021·

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A Day In The Life Of A Game Developer
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Hello, buddies! As a game designer, my main responsibility is to ensure the games we create are accessible, balanced, and entertaining for the target audience. Making video games can be complicated but the end result should be easy to engage with and quickly immerse you in its challenges 😍😍

Game design is the process of designing the content and rules of a game; the gameplay, environments, characters/player, and etc(Depends on the type of the game. I usually work on Hyper-Casual games ✨) A games designer may specialize in one category (level design, writing, balancing difficulty) or all depending on the size and complexity of the project.

Game development is a project-based and team-based industry, so the amount of work and the amount of stress is variable, depending on which phase of the project you’re currently in if you are working for money or not, and how well the project is going at a given time. Thank god, it is not my job so no stress 🙌🙌

A typical working day…

There’s no such thing!

My tasks for any given day are dictated by the game(s) that we’re working on. One day I may be writing up concepts and feature ideas for potential new games, working with other members of the team to focus the vision for a product, or just doing something my own.

Another day may involve tuning attributes within a game, such as speed, gravity, and other forces that dictate how things move and react when a game is interacted with. There is a wide range of skills involved with game design and you may be asked to call upon all of them in a single day. But I love it!

What I love and What sucks?

I love working with so many different types of people. It keeps the job fresh, interesting, and challenging. I love starting with an idea and being an important part of how that can become something potentially hundreds of people can experience and enjoy.

Easter Eggs are the thing that I love most. Most of the game developers put some easter eggs in their games. It can be a hidden message or an obstacle that makes the Player win the whole level when collided!

In terms of what can be frustrating – well, you always discover additional fun things during games development – in fact, our whole process is geared up to allow us to include those things. I always want to keep getting more and more things in though, and there comes a point when you have to stop to get the game out on time.

Favourite tools that help me to make my job done

Tea☕, Dark Chocolate 🍫 and Cookies🍪!

Advice for newbies 👶

I know I'm not so much experienced to give advice but yeah, it might be useful. So my advice for newbies is,

If you are passionate about it then you will find a way that works best for you. There isn’t a sure-fire way to break into the industry. You won’t if you don’t try.

Get to know people in the industry, attend conferences, write to people, improve your portfolio, be genuine. The more you can show off your particular skill set, the better.

Thanks a lot for reading so far and happy coding!

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