5 Unity Game Dev Tips Every Beginner Should Know

5 Unity Game Dev Tips Every Beginner Should Know

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·Apr 2, 2021·

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Hello Buddies! Welcome again! Let's take a look about some Game Dev Tips every beginner should know!

Joke Of The Day


Make variables private with serializefield attribute as possible

If you code for yourself only, it maybe isn't important for you if variables are private or public, because you know why you need them anyway. But when you code for other developers (e.g. for asset store) or you work in collaboration with others, it's important not to expose unnecessary things. So, why make something public and accessible to other classes if it's only needed for the current class? But if you want it editable in inspector and still private, then you use [SerializeField].

[SerializeField] private float m_MaxSpeed = 10f;

Don't Get Alone

I want to tell you is that, don't try to make everything yourself. Most of beginner miss Unity Asset Store. You are not expert in everything. Assets are to help you.

Google Is Your Friend

If you get a bug in a script, simply, Google Is Your Friend. As Unity Game Devs, you will never get alone since unity is having many platforms such as Unity Answers , Unity Forums etc. And also, there is a popular Game Dev Quote

"If you don't know how to do something, watch a tutorial"

Do Game Jams

Game jams are not only a way to take a peek at game development, it’s a great tool to stimulate your mind and your skills.

Game jams’ process isn’t classic game development but that’s all its force. Indeed, as it takes place during a really short and fixed period of time, you must prototype, think and decide quickly. Plus, you should aim at essentials game mechanics and keep it simple.

Keep The Project Tab Tidy

This means, make folders. It's for you to make you game easily without wasting time. And also, if you want to find anything. Don't scroll and waste your time. Just search. Ctrl + F


Make a game in 2 weeks is not a dream with a team. Unity is for collaborate. Unity has its own service to Collaborate your project but it is best to use GitHub.

See you again, Buddies!

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