5 Skills Every Developer Should Have

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·Jun 19, 2021·

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5 Skills Every Developer Should Have
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Hello, buddies! If someone says, Only coding is needed for a Developer, he is the biggest fool in the world. Most content discussing what developers and programmers need for success revolves around their technical skills. Obviously, this makes a lot of sense. However, it is worth noting that becoming a developer involves a lot more than just writing code. So that's what we are going to see today. Scroll down!

1. Patience

patience.gif Software development is not an easy feat. It is a complex effort which often includes long processes. From the project kick-off, through the project execution, testing, deployment, updates… Most of these activities take a lot of time, even in agile environments. Patience is especially important when you are starting as a developer. The most important person you’ll ever have to be patient with is you. Give yourself enough time, enough chances to make errors, and fix them. Once you are patient with yourself, it’s easier to be patient with other people. Sometimes people will need more convincing, you will need to do your best to “sell” them your idea or approach. Being patient is your ally in this mission. The problem is, most of developers/programmers don't have this!

2. Empathy

empathy.gif While you might spend a lot of your time writing code for machines, you are interacting with other people. “Putting yourself in other person’s shoes” is a way to describe empathy in straightforward terms. Understanding other people, their belief systems, their mental and personal characteristics will benefit you. You will be able to adjust your behavior, to address their needs, and make sure that you are taking them into account. This is something that is often overlooked. But, the best developers will try and understand their customers or colleagues since it will enable them to do their job . Again, empathy is your advantage – it will allow you to see things with their eyes. It will make you more sensible and approachable.

Some of the common issues in software development are avoidable with a bit more empathy. You don’t need to be a user researcher, UX designer, or an anthropologist. Being more empathetic starts and ends with you being a human being aware of the other people.

3. Curiosity

curosi.gif Everyone’s heard the saying “curiosity killed the cat.” When it comes to development, though, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Some of the greatest inventions are the result of curious minds, paired with the ability to question the way things are. Developers should be unafraid to try new things and question things that don’t sound quite right to them, albeit in a respectful manner. This is a key part of how to become a better developer — it’s important not to take everyone’s word as the gospel truth. Being curious, open-minded, and willing to question things without fear of being wrong is what spurs new innovation, which is an asset for anyone in the field.

4. Teamwork

teamwork.gif No matter what you do, there will be time when you have to work as part of a team.

Whether it’s a team of developers, designers, or a project team, developers need to work well with others to be successful.

Working well with others makes what you’re working on more fun, and makes people more likely to help you in the future.

You may not always agree with the people in your team, but having different points of view helps to build more successful companies.

5. Creativity

creative.gif The best ideas and solutions often come to us when we approach things from a different, less obvious angle. This is what separates the most creative people — from programmers to entrepreneurs to authors — from everyone else.

Despite popular opinion, creativity can be learned, but it comes with practice.

Reading fiction, writing, art, crafts, even cooking are ways of exploring creativity. The more ways of creativity you explore, the easier it is to find different ways to approach the same problem.

So buddies, these are only a few skills that every developer should have. Yes, I may have missed some. Feel free to add them in the comments!

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