5 Reasons Why Developers Love To Code 💙

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·Jun 17, 2021·

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5 Reasons Why Developers Love To Code 💙
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Hello, buddies! We, it means Developers, Love to code. There are number of reasons and they may differ from each other. But in common, I found 7 Reasons and today is about them.

1. Learning Something New Everyday 📘

image.png Special Thanks - Victoria Lo, Sai Ansul

Technology is extremely fast moving, so developer need to be able to learn new programming languages and technologies and adapt to the continually changing environment. Alongside learning about technology, developers will often have the opportunity to develop their knowledge about the business and sector they are working in, as these are also ever-changing. This constant change is an amazing learning opportunity, keeping your mind fresh and the job interesting! What better reason do you need to get started in Programming?

2. Coding Is A Usable Art 🎨

image.png Just like architecture, which is an art used by people daily and affects their everyday life, so is code. You can create something and people interact with, use, touch and work with. That is an amazing feeling!

3. It is a Team Effort

image.png Since code is a usable art, a whole team of developers/programmers are connected to the practice. From the client to the account managers, and including the business people, finance, the support team, QA team, designers, product managers and project managers.

Code touches every single person in the organization and makes a difference to every single user that touches it (for good or bad).

4. If we can think it, We can make it a reality.

image.png Special Thanks - Edidiong Asikpo

In programming if you can consistently create a logic that interacts with the other parts of the computer and other applications you can make it happen. All you need to do after you thought it up is actually write it and presto a new thing is created into the world. That really feels like being a wizard.

Unlike physics where physical restraints are in everything you do, there are no limitations in coding besides your ability to think of a logically consistent solution. When writing an application you do not need to think about the strength of the material, what will happen when there is wear and tear or how you will reach an element to fix it 3 years down the road. It is virtual in a good sense and everything that comes with it.

5. Coding makes a difference in peoples’ lives.

image.png When we manage to build something that saves people time and prevents them from doing tedious tasks, We know that we are making a difference in that person’s life. They now have more time to be with their kids, more time to think up ideas (something computers cannot) and more time to connect to people. This happiness is the biggest treasure for every developer/programmer.

Hey buddies! Thanks for reading this short article. Don't forget to add your reason and Happy Coding!

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