4 Tips To Get More Readers For Your Articles

What I leant In One Month Of Blogging

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·Apr 27, 2021·

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4 Tips To Get More  Readers For Your Articles

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Hello, buddies! This is a somewhat different article You will know the reason at the end. To day we are going to learn some Tips to get more readers, comments in an article that you published in Hashnode. The special thing is, All of these were genuinely learnt by me in my one-month blogging experience!😎

This is the first thing that I leant. My blog name is 'Mr. Unity Buddy' so anyone can think I am a Unity Game Developer or something. So the main reason that I started to blog is to share my knowledge about Unity and make tutorials for Unity beginners. All of the posts that I wrote first are about Unity and Game Development. So do you think I had many views or comments? At least Reactions? Never. 😂See these,

My First Post - 34 Views, 0 Comments, 10 Reactions image.png Second Post - 31 Views, 0 Comments, 7 Reactions image.png Third Post - 65 Views, 0 Comments, 4 Reactions

image.png Very poor since all of those are about Unity and Game Development. But when I wrote a post that can be useful for everyone, 111 Views, 5 Comments, 30 Reactions and poor still coming..(I know its poor but 😂) image.png So My first tip is, Don't write only about your field. Do a research and Write things that can be useful for everyone.

2. Try Mentioning People With More Followers

I thought about 3 or more times 'Should I put this or not?' and finally thought "It's better to share this." So don't think about me in a wrong opinion. 🙏

The reason to mention people who has more followers is this, when you mentioned a famous and useful blogger, as usually he/she will comment in your post. When he/she commented all of his followers get notified 'John Doe commented in a post' and the comment. There is a 50% probability to read your post by his/her followers. Isn't it useful?

Here is an live example, I mentioned some famous and normal bloggers in a post and I got 1.7K views, 9 Comments and 101 Reactions. It's poor but better than my other posts.. image.png But mentioning people won't work if you post non-useful things. Be aware about it.

3. Write About Things That Everyone Would Love To Do

It's common. Everyone love to do things that are having instant results and simple things. What I meant by 'simple' is 'Do not take much time'. If you include a topic like 'How To Do Something In 3 Steps' or something like that, more people will follow the steps and do it. At least they will read it. Try this out.

4. Be yourself

One of the most saddest thing that I learnt. DON'T BE A COPY PASTE BLOGGER. I have one experience about it and I took only 3 reactions. It's not good buddy. I know I have more poor responses for other posts as well but I never feel sad about it since there are PURE content made by original ME. I don't think you should feel like that so please don't be a Copy Paste Blogger. If you did then remember, YOU ARE NOT A BLOGGER.

P.S. This doesn't mean you shouldn't do a research before writing..


Simply, I learnt 4 tips in one-month of blogging but you may don't agree with them. So, I apologize if this content don't have any useful things and feel free to share your thoughts in comments! And Thanks for reading!

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